Abi Crutcher


I first started Berts Bazaar, creating jewellery and handcrafted gifts, in 1995, while recovering from an accident.  Being unable to work for 3 months gave me the opportunity to explore my creative side, and I continued to sell my work at craft fairs and small local events when I returned to work.
In 2003 I took over a small art gallery and gift shop in the village where I lived in Kent which allowed me to devote more time to my creative endeavours. 

On moving to Llanerfyl in 2009, jewellery making again took a back seat as I helped my brother set up an organic farm, but I have continued to make jewellery in my (rare) spare time.




I have explored many techniques over the years, and I am currently enjoying creating pieces from satin cords using intricate Celtic and Chinese knotwork patterns, as well as traditional macrame techniques.  I have recently begun to create pieces using wirework techniques.