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Before completing this please read the Articles of Association 
and the Terms and Conditions before completing this form


      Valley Arts and Crafts MembershipValley Arts and Crafts is a voluntary association of art and craft people who live or trade in Wales and The Marches.  The association has been in operation since 2005.

Membership costs £20.00 for the year and this membership runs from the 1st April to the 31st March each year.

This membership covers you to sell your work in the shop under our own group public and product liability insurance policy.

The group public liability insurance also covers you to sell at crafts fairs if you meet certain criteria.  These criteria are laid down in a separate “Valley Arts and Crafts Insurance Policy” document and is available on request from the Chair, Jayne Griffiths at [email protected]   The cost of the groups public liability insurance policy this year was £30.00 per member and is due to expire in July 2022.

In order to fund the running of the shop we take 30% of the sales value of your goods and the rest is refunded to you at the end of each calendar month.  But, if you volunteer to work in the shop up to a maximum of 30 days each membership year you will receive a 1% rebate for each day on the 30% commission, e.g. if 30 days are worked, then you will receive a full refund of all commission paid throughout the membership year.  Refund of any commissions paid will be at the end of the membership year, i.e. just after the 31st March each year.

Please also refer to the Articles of Association and the Terms and Conditions that can be found on the Valley Arts and Crafts website (

Attached is a membership application form, please fill in and return with the information required including photographs to  Kath Davies

Please make your cheque payable to Valley Arts and Crafts.

Membership application form is available here