Janet and Richard Baddiley

Started by Janet Baddiley in January 1991, Fire and Fibre was originally producing corn dollies, sewn items and pottery, including the now famous ‘Vyrnwy Worm’. Janet was joined in the business by husband, Richard, in 1993 and in the intervening years the business has continued to expand.
We are about to celebrate our 21st year in business and are now the U.K.’s largest manufacturer of simple wooden knitting and weaving equipment, all hand made by us in our premises. A small selection of our equipment is shown here......

We travel the country demonstrating our equipment at all the main 'wooly' shows, as well as all manner of country shows, folk festivals and local markets.  For details of where to find us please visit the diary page of our website      

“If you can get it into a strip you can weave it on a pegloom”  (top right in image)

We have the most comprehensive range of peglooms in the U.K.,possibly even in the world. There are 23 variations comprising 6 different pegs and widths from 25cm to 1m. From our tiny 4mm pegged looms which are suitable for weaving a single yarn up to our extra wide space ‘fleece-eater’, we have looms for all requirements.  Wall hangings, shoulder bags, imitation rag rugs...Just add imagination.

We also have available adjustable boards in 'fine' and 'standard' gauges (below the loom top right)

Lucet Cordmaker  (centre) an ancient device known since at least Viking times and still very popular with re-enactors.  In 2 sizes, hand made from solid beech.

Weaving Sticks  (Bottom left) are the hand-held version of the pegloom.  Ours are in sets of 5, using 6mm or 8mm beech pegs with a threader and basic instructions.   Great for kids of all ages.

Flower Winding Frames (left hand side, second image up)  Our retake on the nasty plastic ones is a selection of solid beech or sycamore models, mini, 2 ring, 3 ring and square.   

And there is more.....