Terms and Conditons

Rev/ 1.04 7th February 2009

Rev. 1.05 24th March 2015

Rev. 1.06  21st March 2018

Rev. 1.07 20th March 2019

Rev. 1.08 11th March 2020

Rev. 1.09 17th May 2022

The shop (Newtopia) exists for the benefit of Valley Arts and Crafts (VAC) members to display and sell their work but, to run successfully some rules have to be applied.

If you wish to display and sell your goods in Newtopia you may do so under the following conditions.

These conditions apply to all VAC Members:

Display of items in Newtopia –

  • The goods must be of your own manufacture.
  • The goods must confirm to Powys Trading Standards.
  • The goods must be acceptable to the Shop Display Panel.
  • The goods must be priced to the nearest 50p or £1.00 and labelled with a 2 letter code that is unique to you.  This code will be given to you by the Chair/Treasurer.
  • Goods that are not priced and correctly coded, or are in any other way deemed unsuitable for display, will not be accepted.
  • Paintings, prints and photographs that will be hung up for display must be strung so that they can hang safely and securely. A generic labelling system will be used for display of all work – this will consist of Title, Medium, Price and Shop Code.
  • You are advised to keep a record of the work you leave, for your own information.
  • The goods are left at your own risk.
  • The Shop Display Coordinator will allocate space to each member and display that work to show it to its best potential.
  • The shop rota volunteer (where possible) will ensure that the shelves are restocked from the store room as and when required.
  • A reasonable amount of reserve stock will be accepted and stored in the store room.  Ensure that it is in a suitable plastic crate/box marked clearly with your name and 2 letter code – on two sides.
  • If after a period of 4 months, any of your items have not sold, you will be asked to change them.  This does not mean that they cannot be brought back at a later date.

General –

  • The shop rota volunteer will ensure that sales of your goods are correctly entered into the till and a brief description entered on the Daily Sales Sheet.
  • Monies due will be paid into your account by the middle of the next month (circumstances allowing).
  • 30% of the sales value of your goods, as commission, will be deducted and go towards the running costs of Newtopia.  You can reduce this by volunteering to work in the shop.  You can volunteer for up to 30 days in any one membership year – 1st April to 31st March.  You will receive a pro rate rebate for each day you work, e.g. 30 days – rebate of 100%, 15 days – rebate of 50%, 10 days – rebate of 33%, etc. etc.  Refund of any commission will be paid after the end of the membership year.
  • These conditions are not negotiable.


Appendix A to Valley Arts and Crafts Terms and Conditions

Version 1 – 20th March 2019

Definition of Product Liability –

Product Liability refers to a manufacturer or seller being held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer.  Responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain”.

Guidelines for shop display

18th July 2020

Valley Arts and Crafts new shop, Newtopia, is our window to the world and members are encouraged to sell their handcrafted items here.  The Shop Display Panel’s role is to maintain an enticing  and vibrant space to encourage members of the public to come into the shop, browse and purchase.  Our aim is that the shop be bright, airy and work is professionally displayed with a steadily changing range of handcrafted items. 

The following statements are a framework to enable these aims to be met for the benefit of all members.

1 The Shop Display Panel has the authority to regulate the goods put on display for sale in the shop.  

2. Existing members of VAC have the right to have their work/crafts displayed as set out in the membership application criteria.

3.The Shop Display Panel has the final say on positioning of items within the shop.  The aim is to best display items and to ensure that the display is changed regularly to give everyone a fair proportion of time in what are considered the more attractive areas.  There will be some restriction on this depending on the items being displayed.  

4. Members can only display two types of craft in the shop at a time as per their membership application.  If a member wishes to change the type of craft/ goods on display they need approval from the Shop Display Panel.  This is to help keep a wide variety of crafts displayed in the shop and to ensure a suitable display space is available.

5 The Shop Display Panel can allow/ disallow a new craft.  This is to ensure we do not have a surfeit of any one type of craft.  

6. To help keep the display looking good, packaging needs to be of a professional standard, for example, cards should be displayed in cellophane card bags and items that are perfumed/ aromatic should be displayed in clear closed packaging.  This is to prevent any allergic reactions.

7. All items must have a label on which the members allocated initials and price are clearly displayed.  Textile items should have a swing tag safety pinned or tied on with ribbon.  Sticky labels fall off and then the item cannot be sold.  These labels will provide the information needed to record your sales on the daily sales sheets.  No label equals no sale.

8. If you require a specific name of product to be recorded on the sales sheet, please use an additional label to show this.  Please keep the description as brief as possible.

9 There will be a regular review of the items offered for sale, this is to help prevent the shop display becoming tired and to keep customers coming in to look for new items.  A review will take place every 4 months.

10 Should a current members' items be turned down by the Panel due to issues over quality or enough of that type of craft in the shop already, the member can appeal.  The appeal will be put on the agenda for the next VAC meeting for discussion and a vote by members.  The result of any appeal put to the membership is final.

11 Applications for new membership of VAC will be vetted.  This is to ensure the quality of the items submitted and suitability for display in the shop. When an application is accepted, a letter/email will be sent inviting the person to bring their items into the shop.  

 Should any application be rejected, the person will be advised by letter.  If an appeal is received, the appeal will be put on the agenda for the next VAC meeting for discussion and a vote by members.  The result of any appeal put to the membership is final.