Terms and Conditons of Valley Arts and Crafts/Shop

Rev/ 1.04 7th February 2009
Rev. 1.05 24th March 2015
Rev. 1.06  21st March 2018
Rev. 1.07 20th March 2019
The gallery and shop exists for the benefit of VAC members to display and sell their work but, to run successfully some rules have to be applied.
If you wish to display and sell your goods in the Gallery and Shop you may do so under the following conditions
These conditions apply to all VAC Members and Associates

  • The goods must be of your own manufacture.
  • The goods must confirm to Powys Trading Standards.
  • The goods must be acceptable to the majority of the shop volunteers.
  • The goods must be priced and labelled with a 2 letter code that is unique to you. This code will be given to you by the Treasurer.
  • Goods that are not priced and correctly coded, or are in any other way deemed unsuitable for display, will not be accepted.
  • Paintings, prints and photographs that will be hung up for display must be strung so that they can hang safely and securely. A generic labelling system will be used for display alongside the work, but all work must be marked on the back with the following information - Title, Medium, Price and Shop Code.
  • You are advised to keep a record of the work you leave, for your own information.
  • The goods are left at your own risk.
  • The committee members will display whatever quantity of the goods they see fit, and in the manner they see fit.
  • The shop duty volunteer (where possible) will ensure that the shelves are restocked from the storage facility under the shelves as and when required.
  • The shop duty volunteer will ensure that sales of your goods are correctly entered into the till and a brief description entered on the daily sale sheet.
  • 30% of the sales value of your goods will go into the shop fund. For each day a volunteer works in the shop, they will receive a 1% rebate on the 30% commission, i.e. if 30 days are worked, then no commission is payable. Refund of any commission will be paid at the end of the season, after the shop has closed.
  • If after a period of two years any of your items have not sold you will be asked to change them. This does not mean that they cannot be brought back at a later date.
  • The shop is not a storage facility for members’ goods - a reasonable amount of reserve stock will be accepted and stored under the shelving unit in boxes.
  • Moneys due will be available in the shop as soon as possible after the end of the calendar month.
  • These conditions are not negotiable.

​Appendix A to Valley Arts and Crafts Terms and Conditions
Version 1 – 20th March 2019
Definition of Product Liability –
Product Liability refers to a manufacturer or seller being held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer.  Responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain”.