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Jewellery Making


For most people Polymer clay is associated with the making of jewellery and predominantly that is what it is used for.  It is versatile and colourful and there are always skills to learn, so it is popular with crafters and popular too with wearers.

  • new bangle
  • new strung
  • garden brooch
  • pendant octaganol
  • kato bead necklace
  • improv pendant
  • gold and green necklace
  • first vignette cane pendant
  • brooch
  • blue and gold necklace


It is a very socialble activity and people frequently get together to make and share ideas.  One of the things I do is have 'claydays' at which people learn and share and produce jewellery and artefacts.  This because Polymer clay is most certainly not just for making jewelery.  Below are examples of some of the things one can do with it:

Make creatures

Cover Boxes

Imitate nature

Make Buttons

I enjoy making with polymer clay, but my particular interest is developing new and various skills within the craft.  It lends itself very much to this, for one can constantly experiment, and/or use multi media incorporating the clay.  


Here is an example of one of my experiments.  I have a particularly beautiful hand embroidered Austrian shawl and I have chosen to attempt to emulate the design in Polymer clay (seen sitting in the middle of the shawl)

My Clay

My main pursuit now is selling the clay.  My business name is ClayAround, and on line shop that can be found here

My contact details can be found on the shop website.